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  • Our corporate real estate experts are experienced in resourcing and negotiating on opportunities that are off market or coming to market with other commercial property agents.
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  • Omeeto offers clear marketing, online virtual viewings and the potential to negotiate direct with vendors and sellers*.
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Our advice to investors and owners

  • Whilst every effort is made to get details correct, they are for guidance only. Check measurements, descriptions and services etc.
  • Property particulars do not form part of any offer or contract.
  • Check the property is in a suitable state of repair and condition - Do you need a Survey? Check the use, do you need planning?
  • Please advise if you need a list of third party consultants who can advise you.
  • Buying an investment? VAT registered property may qualify as a Transfer Of a Going Concern.
  • A TOGC may mitigate the VAT and additional SDLT that might otherwise be due. Seek tax advice for such transactions.

Searching commercial properties for sale? 

Omeeto principally advertise commercial properties for sale Nottingham and Commercial properties for sale Derby on behalf of clients.  We also market development land.  If you are looking to buy non domestic real estate across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire we recommend you search our property site first. Whilst we do advertise corporate real estate on all the leading property portals such as Rightmove, EgPropertylink and Zoopla, we regularly email our registered applicants and publish new properties on our website first. The Omeeto commercial property search, to find commercial property on sale in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire.

Our property portal is designed around commercial property professionals, individuals, companies, investors and developers with property requirements. We market all non domestic property types and land with and without planning permission.  We endeavor to be recognised as the commercial estate agent who provide the best marketing material. We provide high resolution photos, 360 virtual tours, drone imagery and useful descriptions to advertise properties for sale. We also host a data room to store relevant property documents such site plans, planning layout drawings, reports and certificates.  All to help you find the right commercial premises for sale. We have an office presence in Derby and in Nottingham our primary focus is to list commercial property for sale Derby and commercial property for sale Nottingham.

If you are looking for commercial properly or land to buy, please review our listings of available freehold property.  If you can not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to give us a call. We may be able to source off market property Derbyshire or off market property Nottinghamshire.

When buying commercial property, there are several important factors to consider to ensure a successful investment. Here are some key points to look for:

Location: The location of the commercial property is crucial. It should be easily accessible to your staff and target clients. Depending on your business you may seek a profile property with good visibility, and to be in an area with potential for business growth. Consider factors like local demographics, nearby competition, and accessibility to major transportation routes.

Purpose and Planning: Determine the intended use of the property and ensure it has planning permission for that purpose. Local Planning regulations can affect what type of business can operate in the property and what alterations can be made.

Condition of the Property: Conduct a thorough inspection of the property to assess its overall condition, including the building's structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and investigate any potential environmental concerns. Repairs and renovations can significantly impact your budget. You may wish to appoint a building surveyor to act on your behalf. 

Rental Income and Cash Flow: If you plan to lease out the property, analyse its potential rental income and cash flow. Consider the local rental market, demand for commercial space, and vacancies of potentially competing properties.

Financials: Review the property's financial mortgage costs and consider operating expenses, taxes, and any existing leases. This will help you understand the property's income potential and costs.

Potential for Appreciation: Research the area's historical property value trends and projected growth. Investing in a property with the potential for appreciation can yield long-term benefits.

Local Market Conditions: Understand the local market dynamics, including supply and demand for commercial properties. This can help you gauge the competitiveness of your investment.

Future Development: Investigate any planned developments or infrastructure projects in the area. These can impact the property's value and attractiveness to tenants.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations: Be aware of any legal restrictions, regulations, or potential liabilities associated with the property, such as environmental regulations, building codes, and zoning ordinances. For example look at the properties EPC rating, is to currently compliant and will it still comply with MEES changes? 

Professional Guidance: Consult with professionals such as commercial real estate agents, solicitors, accountants, and building surveyors. They can provide valuable insights and help you navigate the complex process of buying commercial property.

Exit Strategy: Have a clear plan for how you intend to exit the investment in the future. Whether it's selling the property, refinancing, or other options, understanding your exit strategy is essential for long-term success.

Financing Options: Research your financing options, including commercial loans, interest rates, and terms. Understanding your financial obligations and potential risks is crucial.

Please see our full guide to buying commercial property in our help and advice section. 

Remember that each commercial property investment is unique, and conducting thorough due diligence is essential to making an informed decision. It's advisable to take your time, gather as much information as possible, and seek professional advice before finalising any purchase.

If you are looking for commercial property for sale in Derby or commercial property for sale in Nottingham; Omeeto are local experts. Please browse our avaialbe commerial properties to buy in Derbyshire and freehold property Nottingham. 

Appointments and viewings for purchasing a commercial property on sale

As a result of COVID-19  we must act in accordance with Government guidance to protect ourselves, our clients and of course any potential purchasers. As a result, currently we can only conduct physical viewings with serious investors or purchasers who are in a position to proceed. Therefore we may need to establish your financial position before you visit a property.  Our property advertising platform offers you the latest technology in virtual viewings. Whilst we are aware you will eventually wish to physically see a property, we request you review all of the online data first, including the written property details and virtual tour where provided.  Our virtual viewings are cutting edge and by prior arrangement we can accompany you during the 360 tour to help navigate you around the property for sale and respond to queries. We may ask you to submit an offer that is conditional upon a physical viewing.

Once we have been able to establish you as a qualified purchaser we can proceed to a physical viewing. Social distancing and the associated Government guidance must be followed.  We would ask you wash your hands before and after an a property viewing and wear a mask at all times during the appointment.  We thank you for your cooperation. 

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