Development land for sale

You are searching land and dvelopment sites for sale. This includes freehold site for sale, development land for sale, housing land for sale and commercial land for sale. 

If you are looking to buy land but can not find what you are looking for, please contact us with your land requirement. Register with OMEETO to get early notification of new sites before they go to general market.

OMEETO are land agents selling sites predominantly across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. If you are looking for land for sale Derby or land for sale Nottingham please contact us. 

If you are considering selling a site, we would be delighted to assist.

OMEETO have a Property Development team with an excellent reputation for the disposal of development led opportunities regionally. Our experts have over 15 years experience and can advise on unallocated sites, sites with strategic hope, and consented sites. We have a large established list of developers and investors with active land requirements across the East Midlands. 

Selling or Buying land can be a complex process, so it's important to consider several factors as part of a disposal or acquisition strategy; 

Location: This is one of the most critical factors. Consider the location of the site for the proposed use. If you are considering residential or commercial land, proximity to amenities, transportation, and similar uses may be important.  Also, research the local area's growth potential and any future developments or infrastructure projects that might affect the value of the land.

Planning Permission: Check if the land has planning permission for the intended use. Planning regulations in the can be strict, and obtaining permission can be a lengthy process. Consult with the local planning authority to understand the current status and potential restrictions. If you are looking to dispose of land. OMEETO can undertake a top level review and look at the existing policy affecting the land.  Should we feel there any be some planning gain, we can refer you to a local planning consultant and work with them to seek planning permission for a specific use before a disposal. 

Land Type: Understand the type of land you are buying. Is it agricultural, residential, commercial, or industrial? Different land types have different regulations and potential uses.

Utilities and Infrastructure: Ensure that essential utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and sewage are available or can be easily connected to the land. The cost of bringing these services to remote areas can be substantial.

Environmental Factors: Investigate any potential environmental issues, such as flooding, contamination, or protected wildlife habitats, that could affect your use of the land or require costly remediation.

Access and Transportation: Consider access to the land. Is there a road leading to it, and is it suitable for the proposed use? Proximity to transportation links like motorways, railways, and airports can also impact the land's value.

Survey and Boundary Checks: Conduct a land survey to verify boundaries and check for any encroachments or boundary disputes. This will help avoid legal complications in the future.

Title checks: Engage a lawyer early to ensure the title is registered as expected and does not contain any unexpected restrictions or covenants. 

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