OMEETO is launched!

1st August 2020

Owners meet Occupiers” or “Owners meet Owners” 

OMEETO; where a landlord or seller is able to meet with a prospective tenant or buyer.

The OMEETO brand concept was thought of by commercial property agent Chris Wright in 2018, who after 23 years’ experience marketing commercial property strived to improve the efficiency of commercial property and land marketing.

Chris observed that the person most driven to dispose of their own property would be the landlord or seller themselves.  

That is not to say commercial property consultants do a bad job, far from it, a commercial estate agent is instrumental in getting property deals done. A good agent knows the market and will get the best possible price or rent for your office, warehouse, retail unit or land. Agents negotiate well and are experienced to know the tolerance of a property deal and when it works and when it doesn’t, considering market conditions.

However, by the very nature of a commercial property agents work they have to balance every client instruction to sell or let commercial real estate along with other work, life and family commitments. After all there only so many hours in the day.

Chris concluded allowing Owners to meet with Occupiers was a savvy way to free up a property agents time to focus on what matters most – providing the best property marketing, hunting out those enquires, chasing down offers and negotiating deals.

The Omeeto platform has been created to offer property owners and landlords the option to choose their level of service;

Omeeto Agency - for clients keen to meet prospective buyers or tenants themselves. The cost saved by the agent in not having to travel to do viewings are passed onto the client in reduced fees.

Agency Pro - for clients wishing to remain arm’s length from the transaction with the agent doing viewings.

This concept, together with what Chris perceives to be better marking; superb imagery, virtual tours, Rightmove adverts and an informative property data room are the foundation of the Omeeto platform.


Omeeto was launched 01 August 2020.  Please see our launch in the press. 

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