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You are searching warehouse space to let and leasehold industrial property for rent. If your company is looking for a workshop to rent or well positioned logistics space, you can search our workshop, warehouse and industrial listings. Contact OMEETO to find your next workshop, factory, storage unit or industrial unit to rent. 

By using our popular search tool you can find industrial property to rent by location, size range or even key word. For example search for industrial unit for rent derby or industrial unit for rent Nottingham. Please contact a member of the OMEETO team if you need a warehouse for rent, but cant find what you are looking for. By registering your warehouse requirements with us, you can get early notification of new industrial units to let.

When searching for a warehouse for rent;

Determine Your Requirements: Identify your specific needs for the warehouse, such as location, size, layout, amenities, and budget. Consider factors like accessibility, proximity to suppliers or customers, transportation links, and the nature of your business.

Search for Properties: Look for available warehouses that match your criteria. Ie warehouse for rent Derby or warehouse for rent Nottingham. You can use real estate websites or contact commercial real estate agents direct. Property listing platforms can be a good place to search but some are often out of date which can be frustrating when trying to find potential industrial properties.

When looking for a warehouse to rent contact Agents or Landlords: When contacting agents provide them with your requirements, and they can email you suitable options when the come to market. You may also be able to retain a commercial agent to act on your behalf. The commercial agent may directly contact landlords or property managers on your behalf to source off market property, raise inquiries and to schedule property viewings.

Property Viewings: Visit the warehouses you're interested in to assess its suitability. Take note of the condition, layout, security measures, access points, parking, and any additional facilities or features.

Shortlisting your preferred options: It may be useful to do a SWOT analysis comparing industrial properties to rent. If you are searching for Industrial property Derby or industrial property Nottingham consider all the costs. Get information on rent, service charge and business rates. Consider the industrial units condition and budget for ongoing repairs and maintenance. 


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